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Air shower series
Shower room series
Transfer window series
Efficient air supply outlet series
Clean bench series
FFU/Laminar flow hood series
Clean work tent series
At the beginning of efficient filter series
The efficient filter series
Hepa filter series
The high efficiency filter series
High temperature resistant filter series
Powder recycling filter series
Air filter cotton series
Engineering series dust-free workshop
Other accessories series
Wet curtain cooling series
Activated carbon filter series
Purification of knowledge
·Hepa filter leakproof method
·How to solve the high efficiency filter air volume has shrunk
·Grasp the goods period is for air shower manufacturer…
·High temperature resistant filter in the application of solar energy industry…
·Bag filter corona electrode device
·Hepa filter leakproof method
·And whether high efficiency filter can filter microorganisms…
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Shenzhen li jie purification equipment co., LTD

It happened8000Square meters workshop area,Located in the rich beauty、Creative、Vitality、First-tier cities of passion—Guangdong,A group of80After the blood of youth to create the most innovative in southern China and even the whole country、The most technical strength、One of the most leading clean equipment supply company and make unremitting efforts!And joined:Clean technology branch of China electronic institute members,Clean technology industry association governing units in guangdong province,A:Famous brand enterprises in guangdong province,Made a number of utility model patent certificate、Have passed:ISO9001-2008Quality management system certification。
    My company set of cleaning equipment research and development、Design、Manufacturing、Sales、Installation services in one of professional manufacturers。Have a skilled professional equipment manufacturing team,Of the total number of employees equipment professional and technical personnel33%;With the sheet metal、The lacquer that bake、Welding、Assembly, and other workshop。Advanced numerical control equipment、Laser cutting、Laser welding equipment production。The main production products:Air showerHepa filterHigh temperature resistant filterFFUAir filter unit、The transfer window、Clean bench、Efficient air diffuser, air purification equipment、At the beginning of air filter、The effect of air...
New product recommendation
Automatic induction sliding door goods shower room
PVCRapid rolling door air shower
400Degree of high temperature resistant hepa filter
Box type activated carbon filter|VType of activated carbon…
Ultrathin modelFFUFan filter unit
Aluminum frame high temperature resistant hepa filter
Company news
The integrity of the hepa filter testing…
Test before dismantling air-conditioning box in the secondary effect of filter,The aerosol generator placed in the negative pressure of the fan,And heated to it400℃。
·Air shower huge reason share price differences…[19-1-27]
·Li jie purification analysis of carbon cloth filter filtering effect…[18-12-10]
·Whether to need immediate repair after damage of hepa filter…[18-12-9]
·Li jie numerical simulation operation and high efficiency filter…[18-11-29]
·The content of the need to test after a hepa filter is installed[18-11-27]
·Air filter cannot be covered[18-11-26]
·Activated carbon adsorption value of the judgement[18-11-23]
Industry news
Hepa filter standard cause analysis…
Hepa filter strict due to the use place,Must pass before filter factory by testing,Qualified rear can put into use。Filter test has the factory test and field test,In the process of the two tests,The cause of filter substandard might be the following points。
·Unqualified uniflow relations with hepa filter[19-6-16]
·Bag filter seven main advantages[19-6-3]
·Hepa filter:Clean of industrial products…[19-5-22]
·The analysis of the causes of air shower suddenly becomes poor performance[19-5-14]
·Unqualified uniflow relations with hepa filter[19-5-13]
·Medium basket filter applications[19-5-10]
·FFUModule size and actual size[19-5-8]
Engineering cases
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